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  • How Trump-backed secretary of state candidates would change elections in the United States

    They question whether Joe Biden is president. And now they want to run elections for the next presidential campaign.

    Washington Post
  • Increased Demand for Immigration to the United States

    A surging interest in migrating to the U.S. has made the EB-5 Immigrant Investor program, which allows an investor and the investor's qualifying dependents to obtain the U.S. Green Card with an investment of $500,000 in a new commercial enterprise in the U.S., to become increasingly popular.

  • Does the United States Have the World's Best Military?

    Richard Douglas U.S. Military, United States The United States has never struggled for military funding which takes up 15 percent of the U.S. budget, or about $700 billion. Here's What You Need to Remember: While the amount of military personnel is an important factor of an army’s strength, what really takes the U.S. to the next level is our air superiority as well as naval prowess. The quick answer is yes, we do have the most powerful military of all time. At this point, there’s really no...

    The National Interest
  • This Submarine Is the Future of the United States Navy

    Peter Suciu U.S. Military, Global These powerful boats have served and will serve long and well, with the ability to carry out a variety of missions. Here's What You Need To Remember: The U.S. Navy is now expected to receive delivery of nine of the Virginia-class Block V submarines between 2025 and 2029, and eight of those will be equipped with the Virginia Payload Module – a mid-body section that will increase the overall length of the boats. Throughout the history of submarine warfare, the...

    The National Interest
  • No, the United States Has Not Always Paid Its Debts

    Whenever the debate over raising the debt ceiling becomes heated, officials and pundits tell us the federal government has never defaulted on its debt. Unfortunately, this statement is demonstrably false. Evidence of these payment failures can be found in reputable academic and government publications. Two U.S. defaults are mentioned by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff in their seminal 2009 book, This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly. Other episodes are covered in a 2016...
  • Should the United States Support Chinese Separatism?

    Michael Rubin China, Asia Supporting separatist movements in Tibet or East Turkestan could backfire, but Washington has other options. The People’s Republic of China and its communist dictator Xi Jinping often depict their country as united and monolithic, even though in reality it is anything but. As Xi doubles down on efforts to overturn the post-World War II liberal order, however, perhaps it is time for American policymakers to take off their gloves, think outside the box, and consider...

    The National Interest
  • This Soviet Bomb Blew the United States Out of the Water

    Richard Douglas Cold War, Eurasia The Tsar Bomba’s yield was five times that of the B53 at 50 megatons. Here’s What You Need to Remember: The Soviet Union would no longer pursue massive nuclear devices like the Tsar Bomba after observing the results, even though they had the technology to create a nuke with double the power. The idea of nuclear war is terrifying and as a result, almost every first-world nation on the planet has some sort of nuclear arsenal. In the modern age, a portion of...

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