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  • ‘Much remains unknown’: Tonga still cut off by volcanic eruption

    Communications to Tonga remain largely severed, as scientists warn that more eruptions may be possible.
  • America still a beacon of liberty in a world gone mad . . . for now

    Special to Dennis Prager Under the pretext of public health, the soul of what is known as the Free West has left most Western countries. Looking at the government overreach and abuses of power in virtually every other Western nation, one can only conclude that America truly is the last free man standing. Here is a rundown of the suppression of liberty in major Western countries. [caption id=attachment_104285 align=alignleft width=444]...

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  • Roku's Live TV Zone Brings Cable's Mindless Scroll to Cord-Cutting

    Roku today launched a Live TV Zone as a launchpad for all of your live and in-progress streaming content. If

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  • A year after the Capitol insurrection, the world still sees something broken in America’s democracy

    As the world watches a riven, fact-relative nation still at war with itself, U.S. allies are delivering their own verdict: That an erratic United States can no longer be seen as the model democracy or reliable partner that some once thought it to be.

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