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  • SuperMoustache! Sounds like a job for Venezuela’s socialist superhero

    A cartoon character smiting imperialist enemies – a dead ringer for President Nicolás Maduro – has inspired acclaim and derision Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a Venezuelan propaganda campaign designed to burnish Nicolás Maduro’s strongman credentials with the help of a caped crusader called SuperBigote – or SuperMoustache. The musclebound cartoon superhero – who bears an unmistakable resemblance to Venezuela’s authoritarian president – has been met with acclaim or derision, depending on...

    the Guardian
  • RXK Nephew sounds like rap’s answer to this paranoid American moment

    After releasing more than 400 songs in 2021, hyper-prolific rap artist RXK Nephew still has more to say

    Washington Post
  • Casio’s CT-S1000V keyboard makes it easy to sound like Daft Punk

    Casio made a name for itself providing lots of bang-for-your-buck with its musical instruments, as evidenced by my review of the excellent $200 CT-S1 last year. Now the company is launching the CT-S1000V, which offers all the features that made the CT-S1 great, but adds a ton of creative tools for professional musicians and amateurs alike. Chief among these is an innovative vocal synthesizer, which allows you to type any text using your smartphone and then be able to ‘play’ the voices with your...

    TNW | Plugged
  • Report: It Sure Sounds Like Matt Gaetz’s Ex-Girlfriend May Be the One to Take Him Down!

    The Florida congressman’s ex has testified before a grand jury re: his alleged sex crimes.

    Vanity Fair