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  • Deal with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour party is proving toxic for New Zealand’s Greens

    The inter-party agreement has left the Greens defending rising emissions – a stance that goes against all their principles Metiria Turei, the former Green party co-leader, left parliament more than four years ago, resigning from the co-leadership and the party list after right wing lobby groups, with an able assist in the form of the parliamentary press gallery, led a ruthless campaign against the former lawyer for admitting that she once had to commit benefit fraud to feed her young family. The...

    the Guardian
  • Germany’s new government to scrap Nazi-era abortion law

    Doctors are currently banned from advertising abortion services and offering information online A Nazi-era law banning doctors from giving women information about abortions is to be scrapped by Germany’s new government in a decision welcomed by activists who have long argued that it has hampered women’s ability to make informed choices. The justice minister, Marco Buschmann, said that he will ditch Paragraph 219a from the penal code after almost 90 years, meaning that doctors will no longer have...

    the Guardian
  • Woman found guilty of boyfriend’s stabbing murder at New Year’s Eve party

    Hannah Sindrey was convicted of the murder of Paul Fletcher at her flat in Rayleigh, Essex.

    The Independent
  • The weekend’s best deals: Nintendo Switch New Year’s sale, Apple Watch, and more

    Dealmaster also has USB-C chargers, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, and Wacom tablets.