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  • Angel Bat Dawid working to change the music landscape for Black musicians

    Angel Bat Dawid | Juri Hiensch Photo Dawid first got the itch to play when her father took her and her siblings to see the 1984 film “Amadeus”; she was immediately hooked on the fact that Mozart was so into music as a child. For the accomplished Chicago composer-clarinetist-pianist-vocalist Angel Bat Dawid, 2021 can best be summed up courtesy of Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times,” she said during a recent call from her home and studio in south...

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • More and more musicians are releasing their own music: Here's why

    Musicians retaining ownership of their master recordings can get 100% of streaming royalties.

    BBC News
  • The History of Black Monday in the NFL

    Black Monday is an infamous day for NFL coaches. Here is the terms origin, history and who could be in danger this year.

    NBC4 Washington
  • How Afrobeats Is Musically Bridging Black Latinxs and Africans

    The first time I heard Colombian pop singer Maluma’s “Mama Tetema,” featuring Tanzanian singer-songwriter Rayvanny, I was writing a script for VEVO’s weekly video roundups. The afrobeats record sounded oddly familiar to me. In fact, it sounded just like Rayvanny’s original “Tetema” song, only with a Spanish-language verse. That’s because it was. But it was now being touted as Maluma’s anticipated next big hit, with its original creator reduced to a guest feature on his own track. I knew how this...