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  • Have we spotted the birth of a black hole?

    We are learning more and more about the mysteries of black holes, and now we may have identified the birth of one, writes Daniel Perley

    The Independent
  • Guantánamo Is Still “a Black Hole of Secrecy”

    Clair MacDougall Twenty years have passed since the first prisoners landed blindfolded in orange jumpsuits and were caged in the US-run enclave—and press restrictions at Gitmo are only getting worse The post Guantánamo Is Still “a Black Hole of Secrecy” appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Astronomers may have witnessed the birth of a black hole

    Astronomers are increasingly drawing back the curtains on black holes. In the past few years, we have finally captured actual photos of these fearsome creatures and measured the gravitational waves – ripples in spacetime – that they create when colliding. But there’s still a lot we don’t know about black holes. One of the biggest enigmas is exactly how they form in the first place. My colleagues and I now believe we have observed this process, providing some of the best indications yet of...

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