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  • Germany's New Green Stimulus Plan Won't Fix The Economy

    Germany's New Green Stimulus Plan Won't Fix The Economy Authored by Philipp Bagus via The Mises Institute, Recently, there has been a debate in Germany on the constitutionality of additional government borrowing of €60 billion. The borrowing is debated because Germany has a constitutional debt brake. The debt brake limits the possibility of the government to indebt itself and pushes it toward a balanced budget in normal times. In times of emergency, however, the debt brake allows...

  • Judge Approves Deal to Resolve Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

    The plan restructures $33 billion in debt nearly five years after Puerto Rico became the first U.S. state or territory to essentially declare bankruptcy.

  • Germany: Party picks conservative leader for post-Merkel era

    Delegates from the party of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel have endorsed prominent conservative Friedrich Merz as the Christian Democratic Union’s new leader

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