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  • ‘Anxiety’ named as children’s Word of the Year for 2021

    Expert says word is ‘concerning’ but ‘not surprising’

    The Independent
  • She Was Named Europe’s Best Director, but Finds Few Fans at Home

    Jasmila Zbanic, who won best director for “Quo Vadis, Aida?”, insists on blaming individuals, not ethnic groups, for atrocities committed as Yugoslavia imploded, a stance that can anger all sides.

  • ‘Insurrection’ named the American Dialect Society’s word of 2021

    The term for a violent attempt to overthrow a government beat ‘vax/vaxx’ to the top spot, while ‘yassify’ won informal word of the year and ‘Fauci ouchie’ the most creative “Fauci ouchie”, the rhyming phrase for a Covid-19 vaccine dreamed up in honour of Dr Anthony Fauci, has been named the “most creative word or phrase of the year” by the American Dialect Society. Founded in 1889, the society is made up of linguists, lexicographers, etymologists and scholars dedicated to the study of the...

    the Guardian