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  • Law enforcement is enforcement of white power

    More questions than answers have emerged three days after Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother in the face before going to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where he entered a classroom full of 19 fourth-graders and shot them to pieces. (Twenty-one in total were murdered. Ramos’ grandmother remains in critical condition). Unclear facts We still don’t know why Ramos did what he did. Investigators have not announced a motive. The Republicans who run the state, particularly Governor Greg...
  • States ready to ban all abortions when Roe is reversed won't say how those laws will be enforced

    It took next to zero effort for pandering Republican state legislators to obtain cut-and-paste, ALEC-generated laws banning and criminalizing all abortions in their states, then brag and fundraise after such laws were passed by a willing Republican governor. But now that the Supreme Court is apparently set on overruling Roe v. Wade, the much harder part—as Republicans are about to find out—is figuring out how such laws terrorizing pregnant people will actually work in practice. How do you go...

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  • Hackers Infiltrated Multiple U.S. Law Enforcement Data Systems, Report Shows

    Apparently, all it took to access 16 internal databases used by federal agencies was a username and password. Internet security

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