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  • FIFA diversifying its gaming rights, will release new non-sim football games alongside EA Sports franchise

    FIFA has announced that for the first time, it will launch a new football game developed with third-party studios and publishers, and several non-simulation titles are already in production. The body noted in the release that it has granted an extension to EA Sports for the simulation football category only, which will allow the release of FIFA 23 later this year. FIFA also said it is engaging with publishers, studios, and investors on the development of a major new simulation football title for...

  • EA Sports will end its video game partnership with FIFA

    Electronic Arts and its subsidiary EA Sports will end a three-decade partnership with FIFA — global soccer's governing body — the gaming company announced on Tuesday. Starting next year, the hugely popular FIFA video game franchise will be known as "EA SPORTS FC."

  • Baltimore will host AAU Junior Olympics in 2028, 2032, Mayor Scott announces

    Mayor Brandon Scott announced Friday that Baltimore City will host the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympic Games in 2028 and 2032.

    Baltimore Sun
  • NBC Hypes Connecticut Abortion Bill, Worries Red States Will 'Push Boundaries'

    On Tuesday's edition of NBC Nightly News, correspondent Stephanie Gosk hyped a new law in the Democrat state of Connecticut which would prevent women who flee Texas to seek abortions in Conneticut from being sued for breaking the Texas fetal heartbeat law, while simultaneously railing against Republican states that have passed their own laws regulation abortions.  Gosk opened the segment breathlessly announcing “there's a new abortion law in Connecticut” before proceeding to explain that the...