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  • New Oppo Reno8 Pro Product Ambassador Program Launches! Here's How To Apply

    The new Oppo Reno8 Pro Product Ambassador Program finally launches! Here are the application process, responsibilities, and other details you need to know

    Tech Times
  • New Sonnet PCIe card brings two speedy NVMe SSD slots to Mac Pro

    The Sonnet M.2 2x4 Low-Profile PCIe Card adapts available PCIe slots in the Mac Pro to fit two M.2 NVMe solid-state drives.The low-profile x8 adapter means that it can fit into even the tightest of PCIe slots, and is perfect for the Mac Pro's accessible logic board.While many systems feature interfaces for PCIe expansion slots, they lack slots for native installation of M.2 SSDs. The new Sonnet card enables the user to connect the dual SSDs installed to the system with a single cable for...

  • MacBook Pro M2 vs M1: New SSD is Slower Than its Older Version, Early Test Reveals

    New M2 MacBook Pro’s SSD is slower than its M1-powered sibling, early test of the new Apple device suggests.

    Tech Times
  • Apple Releases New Build of macOS Monterey 12.4 for M2 Macs Ahead of 13-Inch MacBook Pro Launch

    Apple today released a new build of macOS Monterey 12.4 that's designed for the upcoming M2 Macs, the first of which is set to be available for purchase tomorrow. The new software has a build number of 21F2092, and it is limited to the new machines so existing Mac users will not see an update. The ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌macOS Monterey‌‌‌‌ 12.4 update can be downloaded on all eligible Macs using the Software Update section of System Preferences. No one has an ‌M2‌ Mac as of yet, but the 13-inch MacBook Pro...

  • Oppo Reno8 Pro+ is likely to launch internationally rebranded as Reno8 Pro

    Last month Oppo announced its latest Reno family of mid-range smartphones for the Chinese market - the Reno8, Reno8 Pro, and Reno8 Pro+. In case you're wondering why we haven't reviewed any of them yet, that's because they're meant for the Chinese market. That said, an international launch usually trails with Reno series by a few months, which means these Reno8 models could be arriving in other markets before the end of the year. When they do, you might be in for some confusion, as it turns out...
  • Siemens launches Siemens Xcelerator – an open digital business platform to accelerate digital transformation

    Siemens Xcelerator comprises a curated portfolio, a growing partner ecosystem and an evolving marketplace to speed up value creation across industry, buildings, grids and mobility Curated portfolio of IoT-enabled hardware, software and digital services following key design principles of interoperability, flexibility, openness and as-a-service Launch of new Building X end-to-end smart building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite Read More → "Siemens launches Siemens Xcelerator – an open digital...

  • iPhone 11 Pro vs. 14 Pro: New Features to Expect if You've Waited to Upgrade

    With many customers choosing to upgrade their iPhone every two or three years nowadays, there are lots of iPhone 11 Pro users who might be interested in upgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro later this year. Those people are in for a treat, as three years of iPhone generations equals a long list of new features and changes to look forward to. Below, we've put together a list of new features and changes to expect if you upgrade from an iPhone 11 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro. The list includes features...