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  • Take a first look at Formula E’s new Gen3 car in action

    Formula E recently showed off its latest Gen3 car that it says is faster, more agile and "the world's most efficient" racing vehicle to date. Now, we're getting a first look at one on a track at England's Goodwood in the form of the Mahinda M9 Electro with Nick Heidfeld at the wheel.  On its Twitter account, Goodwood said that Heidfeld was "not holding back" and it looked like the car made a clean lap other than a few minor lockups. On track, the Gen3 design certainly looks more subdued and less...

  • Google’s Pixel Watch will reportedly have an Apple-like range of straps

    If Google doesn’t make them, who will?

    The Verge
  • M2 MacBook Pro reviews: First look at what next generation Apple Silicon offers

    Ahead of the first orders arriving to shoppers on Friday, reviews of the new M2 MacBook Pro have officially hit the web. The new entry-level MacBook Pro is virtually the same as the previous-generation model in every way, which makes the new M2 chip the star of the show. These reviews provide our first look at the M2 chip and its performance. more