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  • Average UK house price to hit new record HIGH of £271,613

    The average UK house price hit a new record high of £271,613 in June - up by 0 3 per cent month on month - but there are 'tentative signs of a slowdown', according to a Nationwide economist

    Mail Online
  • As the average house price hits a new record HIGH, here's what can YOU buy for £270,000

    The average UK house price hit a new record high of £270,000 this month - with that as a budget, buyers can purchase a flat above a London shop or three bedroom cottage in Scotland with sea views

    Mail Online
  • POTUS urged to suspend fossil fuel exports as gas prices hit record highs

    With gas prices surging to unprecedented levels across the United States, President Joe Biden on Thursday faced fresh calls to use his authority to temporarily halt crude oil exports that—in addition to damaging the climate—have contributed significantly to rising costs at the pump. In 2015, the Republican-controlled Congress crammed into an omnibus spending bill a provision that ended the four-decade ban on U.S. crude oil exports, a decision backed by the oil and gas industry. Democratic...