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  • Women’s rights denied: Abortion on the line as Italy’s far right eyes power

    Italy’s surging far-right parties have been eroding abortion rights at the regional level, adding further hurdles to what was already an obstacle course for many women. With Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing coalition tipped to win the country’s general election on Sunday, there are fears the same policies could be replicated at the national level. When Silvia was taken off the pill on medical grounds, her doctor did not mention the possibility of using other contraceptive methods. When she ended up...

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  • A Year When Everything Is Going Right for Western Canada’s Farmers

    This year’s harvest will be bountiful, with prices more than offsetting increased costs for items like fuel.

  • The intel review of documents at Trump’s estate, what’s known and what’s expected

    The discovery of hundreds of classified records at Donald Trump’s home has thrust U.S. intelligence agencies into a familiar and uncomfortable role as the foil of a former president who demanded they support his agenda and at times accused officers of treason.

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