The Politics of "Pinocchio"

The Atlantic -

The Atlantic—Asked to name the two most important things about Pinocchio, most Americans would answer: First, his nose grows when he lies, and second, he is a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. At this, Carlo Collodi would most likely shake his head. The 19th-century Italian author, who wrote the book that inspired the Disney movie and countless other adaptations (including the live-action reboot released last week and another version from the director Guillermo del Toro coming out later this...

Pinocchio (2022) vs. Pinocchio (1940): What are the Differences?. When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how original you are. That’s certainly Disney’s hope at the beginning of the new, Robert Zemeckis-directed Pinocchio. The film marks the latest “live-action” remake of a classic from the Walt Disney Animation Studios catalog. And in this case, it’s pulling from one of the oldest. Walt […]