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  • No iPhone 15 Model Will Feature Touch ID, Though Apple Was Testing the Feature

    Apple has been rumored on multiple occasions to be testing out an in-screen version of Touch ID for future iPhone models. Sadly, with the company dropping the feature for the iPhone 14 series, it appears that this form of authentication will not debut with any iPhone 15 model either, according to the latest report. Apple Could […]

  • CARM Shares New Songs "I Fall" Featuring Gabriella Smith & "The Ones You Love" Featuring Sid Sriram

    CJ Camerieri — the horn player and bandmate to Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, and the National — plans to release his second album as CARM in October. CARM II features the already-released lead single “More And More,” which is also a collab with co-writer Edie Brickell, and “Essex Girl” featuring guitar and banjo from Kristian Matsson. Today, Camerieri is sharing two more album tracks: “The Ones You Love” featuring Carnatic musician Sid Sriram and “I Fall” featuring composer Gabriella...

  • Researchers Propose a Feature-Space Video Coding Network (FVC) by Performing all Major Operations in the Feature Space

    The constant improvement in display technologies and emerging new media representation types such as 360-degree videos enabled videos to have better visual characteristics such as higher resolutions, color depths, etc. However, this improvement in video content also made their size higher and brought the need for better video compression. Traditional video codecs are carefully designed […]