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  • The Second Best Player For Every NBA Team: Andrew Wiggins Becomes The Best Warriors Player After Stephen Curry

    Check out the second best player for every NBA team.

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  • How to get the best use out of your Alexa

    This article is republished with permission from Wonder Tools, a newsletter that helps you discover the most useful sites and apps. Subscribe here. Last year Amazon and Google sold 73 million smart speakers. Since Amazon introduced Alexa in 2014, competitors have emerged, including Apple and Google. Even as big models with glossy screens have emerged, I still prefer the smallest, screenless models. The minis take up less space, look better, offer the same features, and cost less. Alexa’s Echo...

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  • Best of the Best 2022


    Rochester Post Bulletin
  • The Best Suitcase For Every Type Of Traveller

    Finding the most compatible suitcase for your travels is not easy, from fashionistas to businessmen Here is The Best Suitcase For Every Type Of Traveller 4. The Basic Traveller: This suitcase is the best value for money. Good quality at a great price point! Price : AED 165.00 3. The Fashionista Traveller: The perfect fashionista suitcase … Continued

  • Best Private Colleges In Every State

    Private colleges, unlike large public institutions, can be a great option for students wanting a more intimate campus experience, more personal attention from excellent professors, and more immediate access to support services.

  • The best carry-on luggage for every traveler

    Whether you’re crossing state lines or international borders, having the best carry-on luggage can help you enjoy your trip fully. After all, no one wants to pay to check any more baggage than they have to. The trick is to find a carry-on that is big enough to carry your belongings, without being so big it won’t fit in the overhead compartment or exceed TSA requirements for carry-on bag size. Keep in mind though, that different airlines may have their own requirements for what is considered...

  • All the best smartwatches for every wrist and interest

    Your phone might feel like an essential tool in your daily life, but how irritating does it become to take it out of your pocket every time you need to do something quickly? In a world where the smartphone quickly overtook the need for a watch on your wrist, things are turning back the other way. Smartwatches give you all the benefits of a traditional wristwatch while also providing you with many additional features you'd see on your smartphone.Picking out the right smartwatch for you is a...