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  • Dog Tags

    In the cold, early morning hours of September 24, 2022, members from the 124th Security Forces Squadron gathered in the shadow of a soldier's cross, silently assembling their rucksacks as Master Sgt. Nate Towers, SFS first sergeant, handed out dog tags, one by one. The dog tags weren’t theirs, but those of security forces members who died during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those dog tags provided the cadence for this year's memorial ruck march as they rattled and clanged against the members’...

  • Navigating the Healthcare Market

    to the Editor: Great read for “stay at home” investors trying to buy healthcare stocks (“How to Invest in Medicare Now,” Cover Story, Sept. 23). I like Neil Kaufman’s pick of Inspire Medical Systems. their fundamental analysis and baron’s Reporting reminds me of the good old days when Peter Lynch, Mario Gabelli, John Neff, and […]

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  • Of terrorism and red-tagging

    It seems former undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy has stirred a hornet’s nest when she practically called a Manila judge a terrorist.