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  • Why Health Insurance Plans for Family Might be More Important Than

    When considering health insurance’s value, we frequently imagine the worst-case scenario. Insurance is unquestionably essential in the event of a serious illness or injury. A three-day hospital stay can cost approximately rupees 30,000, and fixing a fractured leg can cost around a lakh rupees. For more severe conditions like cancer, the cost of care can […]

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  • LSU Health Shreveport hosts Evening for Healers event

    LSU Health Shreveport hosted its signature fundraiser, An Evening for Healers, on Thursday.
  • 11 Digital NOMAD INSURANCE Plans 2022 for Health & Travel

    When you become a digital nomad or long-term traveler, you know that unexpected things can happen and you always need to be insured. Considering the option of traveling without insurance is NO GO! Even a simple doctor’s visit or medical check-up in a foreign country as a tourist can be very expensive. Without insurance, you can end up in a big debt if something serious happens to you. Also, having your gear stolen may be an annoying problem for your […]

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  • What to know about Germany’s plans to raise health insurance fees

    What’s going on? In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, Germany is struggling to fill a large gap in its healthcare reserves. According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD), the statutory health insurance funds are facing a deficit of €17 billion next year, placing Germany’s healthcare finances under severe strain. Lauterbach says this is largely […]

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