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  • GTA Online players want iFruit phones to change in GTA 6

    One of the things that is on the lips of the entire community of GTA Online players is that the Grand Theft Auto series has long equipped its protagonists with mobile phones. The functionality of the phone was increased tenfold with the arrival of GTA 5, allowing gamers to browse the web, take photos and

  • GTA 4 Definitive Edition is no more as Rockstar battles GTA 6 leaks

    GTA 4 Definitive Edition, an ambitious GTA mod project aimed at enhancing the sandbox game for PC, has been removed following a DMCA takedown notice, as Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar continues to battle GTA 6 leaks. View the full site RELATED LINKS: GTA IV System Requirements

  • GTA 5 Event Leak Might Lead To Official GTA 6 Announcement

    A noted Rockstar Games insider who goes by the name of Tez2 has claimed on the Grand Theft Auto forums that a new event in GTA 5 might end with an