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  • UN: War crimes committed in Ukraine

    United Nations investigators confirmed today that “war crimes” have been committed in Ukraine since the start of the war in late February, presenting a report that contradicts the caution shown by the international organization in this regard so far. The International Commission of Inquiry presented to the Human Rights Council the preliminary conclusions of its […]

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  • UN investigators accuse Moscow of war crimes

    On the other hand, they judged that it was too early to speak of crimes against humanity, contrary to what some NGO and Ukraine. This commission of inquiry of theUN presented to the Human Rights Council the first conclusions of its investigation into serious human rights violations committed by Russian forces in the regions of […]

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  • 'War crimes' committed in Ukraine: UN investigators

    International, MNA | UN investigators said Friday that war crimes have been committed in the Ukraine conflict, listing Russian bombings of civilians areas, numerous executions, torture and horrific sexual violence.

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