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  • Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy In Florida During Hurricane; Tells Fans To “Say a Prayer”

    Dave Portnoy who is the founder of the popular Barstool Sports and he lives in Florida during part of the year. And he’s there right now while there is a hurricane going on. He posted a video about the power being out along with telling his followers to “Say a prayer” for him. He said […]

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  • The Wildest Fan Brawls In Sports History

    A sports game is a place where many a fan goes for fun. But tensions between opposing fans can boil over. These are the wildest fan brawls in sports history.
  • Best Of Houston® 2022: Best Sports Fans

    Best Sports Fans: Houston Texans The best sports fans aren’t the ones hopelessly devoted to their favorite franchises. Hordes of cheering zombies are sometimes a bad sign that one’s team has moved from the athletic field to the competitive graveyard. Houston Texans fans may have shocked some life into the Best Sports Fans: Houston Texans The best sports fans aren’t the ones hopelessly devoted to their favorite franchises

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  • Sports fan Nicholas, 12, is ready for a team

    He also enjoys video games but would prefer to be outside being active and burning off his energy rather than inside.

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  • Acadian Ambulance specialized units deployed to Florida

    Specialized ambulance units and paramedics are heading to Florida to help first responders as Hurricane Ian makes landfall
  • Florida State Sports Notebook: Midseason Edition

    Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK Just a few thoughts on Seminole sports. As always read at your own risk. The Florida State soccer team has now passed the mid-point of the season. Therefore, it is a good time to assess how the season has gone so far and where the team may be headed as we move on toward the post season. These are real questions posed by real people in the sense that they are actual questions (they end in a question mark) and I am a...

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  • The Best PC Gaming Experiences For Sports Fans

    Despite PC gaming being as old as the gaming industry itself, for several years, PC gamers felt short-changed when it came to the variety of sports games that were accessible to them. Unlike in the console market, game publishers have typically been hesitant to bring top-selling games to the PC. Thankfully, things have started to change for the better and now PC gamers have more choice than ever before for sports games to scratch any competitive itch. Plus, the quality of the games that have...

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