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  • Employers keen on in-demand skills that can land an IT job

    GRADES aren’t everything when it comes to landing a job. Aside from head knowledge, employers also look for a combination of hard and soft skills that applicants have honed throughout the years. Industries like Information Technology (IT) have a diverse set of job roles. Meanwhile graduates who are versatile and well-rounded stand a better chance

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  • Employability Skills: The Conceptual Meaning of Job Skills,

     In order to be employable, people must possess certain skills that are marketable. These skills can include technical skills, communication skills, and personal skills. In order to have employable skills, people must be able to do the following: • Communicate clearly and effectively with the company • Demonstrate a commitment to the company and their work • Have the skills to meet their goals If you have the above skills, you can be considered employable.Employability skills are the practical...
  • Job fair to focus on lower Adirondack employers

    Warren County is getting serious about jobs. Last month, the county held its first in-person job fair since the COVID-19 pandemic in Glens Falls. Next month, they're doing it again - but setting their sights north.

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  • SNV, Employment Ministry commit to GrEEn economy through jobs fair

    Government is hoping to create a number of jobs in the coming years through the implementation of its five-year- National Green Jobs Strategy, started in 2021. Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Gloria Bortele Noi revealed that the ministry has taken receipt of a 17 million euro funding from the European Union to commence the new pact for jobs program in 2023 under the GrEEn policy.