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  • Happy Birthday Jesse Ferguson

    The Heavyweight Who Rumbled With Tyson, Holmes, Golota, Mercer, And Plenty More Let’s celebrate the career of a fine heavyweight more Happy Birthday Jesse Ferguson @ Boxing News 24/7

    Boxing News 24/7
  • Notre-Dame sued for English-only translations

    Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is being sued by French language purists for only translating its signs into English.The group has already succeeded in forcing the Eiffel Tower to add Spanish to its information signs alongside English and French.The Association for the Defence of the French Language claims that only translating signs into English helps increase the international dominance of that language. It has French law on its side -- an oft-ignored 1994 regulation requires all public...

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  • Shaw: Happy birthday to the great Bobby Orr

    Columnist Jim Shaw marks legendary hockey player Bobby Orr's birthday by recalling them time he interviewed the star defenseman.