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  • Barnstaple's The Techout named as one of nation's best retailers

    The awards judges highlighted The Techout’s ‘strong customer service’ backed up by high review rankings, with five stars on Facebook and a perfect five star rating on Google

  • On 'One Nation', Jimmy Discusses Kamala's Rough Week

    Jimmy joins "One Nation" to give his take on Vice President Kamala Harris' cringeworthy postgame pep talk to the Howard University men's basketball team. And if you missed any of Friday's show, check out the podcast!

    FOX News Radio
  • Grab one of Nespresso's small space espresso machines for up to 22% off

    As of March 20, Nespresso is having a sale of up to 22% off its small-space espresso machines. These are the best deals to shop:BEST CLASSIC NESPRESSO MACHINE: The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine has a width of only 11 centimeters, so it can squeeze easily on any kitchen counter. $178.99 $229.95 (save 22%)BEST COFFEE MAKER/ESPRESSO MACHINE COMBO: The Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine Coffee and Espresso Machine lets you make both, so you never have to choose. $192.44 $217.45 (save 11%)Walking up in...

  • One to One Devices Roll Out

    At the February 28th workshop, Hernando County School District (HCSD) officials heard a presentation by Network Coordinator Walter Paschke on the implementation of the “One to One Device” program, where every student in the Hernando County public school system will receive a laptop to be used for their studies in the 2022-2023 school year. So […]

    Hernando Sun