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  • Trump's Short-Term Gain Is Republicans' Long-Term Pain

    As the waiting game to see if Donald Trump will be indicted in New York, Georgia, or by the Department of Justice (or all three) continues, Trump and his allies have gone into overdrive to push a media narrative that any such indictment would be a political gift to Trump.

  • Female-owned businesses on the rise, but barriers persist: study (Business)

    The number of businesses owned by women is on the rise in Canada, but female entrepreneurs still disproportionately face barriers such as lack of access to capital from financial institutions, according to a new study. The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub's 2023 State of Women’s Entrep

  • Nintendo Sales Panic: February 2023 US Sales Survey Results

    We can't call it NPD anymore, which is also why it's two weeks late.Following a merger with fellow analytics firm IRI under the new "Citrana" banner, the monthly US sales survey for February showed Nintendo hanging in against strong competition. All data based on dollar sales from January 29 - February 25 unless otherwise noted, Nintendo first-party digital sales are not included though other third parties can contribute at their discretion.

    Nintendo World Report
  • Top expert on London's economy: Short-term pain, long-term gain

    London and Canada are in for a bumpy ride in 2023, as national and global economies slow, feeling the full impact of central banks' interest rate hikes in