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  • The Revolving Employment Door Between Big Government, Big Media & Big Tech

    It's important that Americans remain vigilant and hold the media, the Democrat party, and big tech accountable for their actions.
  • NRCC Targets Vulnerable Democrats for Soft-on-Crime Stance

    The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced a "nationwide billboard campaign" on Wednesday, targeting three vulnerable House Democrats for voting in support of reduced penalties for violent crimes.

  • Big City Politicians Need To Take Crime Seriously

    Big City Politicians Need To Take Crime Seriously Authored by Gabriel Nadales via RealClear Wire, There have been several signs recently that voters are sick and tired of the anti-police policies causing crime to skyrocket in big cities. What will it take for politicians in these cities to get the message? Last year, former San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin was thrown out of office for implementing radical, pie-in-the-sky policies that caused crime to rapidly...

  • Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities

    Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities You might have heard the recent story of a CNN news crew that had their car broken into while they were filming a segment on crime in San Francisco, CA. While the irony of this is amusing to many of us, one group of people that is not laughing is Asian-Americans in the Bay Area who are growing weary of the overall damage done by leftist social justice policies. That CNN crew was, in fact, shooting a story on the very...

  • Democrats and the liberal media keep ignoring hate crime hoaxes

    Democrats routinely condemn the country for being overtly racist and subject to rampant white supremacy; there sure are a lot of nonwhite people faking hate crimes. Yet despite these frequent occurrences, neither Democrats nor their propaganda accomplices in the liberal media seem to report these incidents ever. As such, it stands to reason people may be unfamiliar with the latest hate crime hoax that occurred this week at Kit Carson International Academy in Sacramento, California.

    Washington Examiner
  • ‘This Is a Big, Big, Big Deal': CT Political, Legal Experts Weigh In on Trump Indictment

    The bombshell development of the indictment of Donald Trump could have wide-ranging impacts for the former president, the next presidential election and the entire country. “This is a huge deal. It’s never happened before. We’ve never had a sitting or former president being indicted,” said Scott McLean, professor of political science at Quinnipiac University. But that’s what happened in New York with a grand jury indicting former President Donald Trump. One political expert said if...

    NBC Connecticut
  • Chicago mayor’s race underscores Democratic divide on handling crime

    The Chicago mayoral race is emerging as a key test for Democrats on how they handle the hot-button issues of crime and public safety. Two starkly different candidates in the Windy City’s April 4 runoff have offered contrasting approaches over an issue that has been blamed for costing the party control of the House last

    The Hill