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  • Female footballers who fled Afghanistan in 2021 criticise BBC’s ‘false footballers’ article

    Players criticise the BBC for questioning their integrity and naming individuals without consentFemale football players who fled Afghanistan after Kabul fell to the Taliban in 2021 are criticising a recent BBC article which has labelled some of those evacuated as “false footballers”.The investigation by BBC Newsnight said some of the descriptions of UK visa applicants as national players or members of a regional team “appear to be false”. The report said there is resentment among “genuine...

    the Guardian
  • BBC Highlights 'Secrets behind Morocco's Success' in Football

    MOROCCO, March 24 - The BBC's "Sportsworld" program shed light on Morocco's football success story, which, thanks to its historic feat at the World Cup in

    EIN News
  • In the Middle review – referees in grassroots English football take centre stage

    Despite tales of harrassment by players (and spectators) this documentary is a feelgood look at being part of a community, getting stuck in – and picking up dog pooYou really don’t have to give two hoots about football to get a kick out of this documentary about grassroots referees. It’s an entertaining and affectionate tribute to the men and women who show up week in, week out for 40 quid (plus petrol for a big game). Chasing players around for 90 minutes in the rain isn’t the half of it:...

    the Guardian
  • Memorial walk for keen teen footballer who was a 'tornado of joy' after he took his own life

    Harvey McWilliams was 18 when he took his own life in December 2021 - and a memorial walk will take in his former football teams and favourite spots