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  • Teaching union says it hopes future strikes won’t disrupt exams but won’t rule it out – UK politics live

    Latest updates: Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of National Education Union, says union hopes to ‘reopen negotations’Ed Miliband, the shadow secretary for climate change and net zero, is speaking at a Green Alliance event this morning. According to an extract from the speech released in advance, he will accuse the government of “sore loser syndrome” because of its scepticism about Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which gives massive subsidies to US companies producing clean...

    the Guardian
  • The Israeli Protests Show the Political Power of Unions

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is relenting, for now, on his planned judicial overhaul. After months of mass protest culminating in a general strike on Monday, the far-right plans to seize the nation’s judicial system will be tabled until the next legislative session. In an unlikely collaboration between big business and labor, Israel’s people have shown the power of protest—and the potential for what more they could accomplish, if they so chose to.Hundreds of thousands of people had...

    The New Republic
  • Swimmer Riley Gaines: ‘Obnoxious’ librarians disrupted event over politics

    “They were talking very loudly. They were slamming doors. Then all of a sudden they started blaring music and dropping books,” Gaines told The Post of the "obnoxious" librarians. “I've never in my life seen older women act so immaturely.”

    New York Post
  • German transport sector faces major disruptions as unions call for strikes

    Public sector union urges 120,000 employees in the transport and infrastructure sectors, including airports, shipping and motorway companies, to participate in the work stoppage.

    German transport sector faces major disruptions as unions call for strikes