What We Are Reading Today: The Politics of Ritual

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Arab News—article author: Arab NewsSat, 2023-03-18 01:27 Author: Molley Farneth “The Politics of Ritual” is a major new account of the political power of rituals. In this incisive and wide-ranging book, Molly Farneth argues that rituals are social practices in which people create, maintain, and transform themselves and their societies. Far from mere scripts or mechanical routines, rituals are dynamic activities bound up in processes of continuity and change.Main category: booksTags: What We Are Reading...

What We Are Reading Today: Myanmar: Politics, Economy and Society. Author: Adam Simpson, Nicholas Farrelly (editors) “Myanmar: Politics, Economy and Society” provides a sophisticated overview of the key political, economic and social challenges facing contemporary Myanmar and explains the complex historical and ethnic dynamics that have shaped the country. The book provides a clear and incisive contribution from the world’s leading Myanmar scholars, assessing the policies and political reforms that have provoked contestation in the country’s recent history.