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  • Chris Christie just wants to ‘bludgeon’ Trump, Fox News’s Hannity complains

    Sean Hannity says ex-New Jersey governor lacks ‘inspiring agenda’ as he prepares new presidential runChris Christie has promised to take the fight to Donald Trump when he launches a long-shot Republican presidential campaign next week, but he seems likely to have to do so without help from one key voice at Fox News.The former New Jersey governor just wants to “bludgeon” Trump, the primetime host and close Trump ally Sean Hannity said on Friday, adding that he did not want to give Christie any...

    the Guardian
  • Fox News Poll: 9 in 10 voters worried about inflation, America’s future

    A new Fox News poll found that an overwhelming majority of American voters are worried about the high inflation facing the nation, as well as the future of the country as a whole.

    Fox News
  • Right-wing Fox News contributor hammers Trump's new 'loser' policy idea

    Former President Donald Trump this week announced on his Truth Social platform that he would issue an executive order ending birthright citizenship in the United States, despite the fact this policy is enshrined in the United States Constitution by the 14th Amendment.Ben Domenech, a conservative Fox News contributor and cofounder of The Federalist, panned Trump's newest idea and argued that it would simply never come to pass given that a single executive order cannot repeal a fully ratified...

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