Headlines on 2019-08-13

  • Bernie Sanders Again Attacks Amazon — This Time Pulling In 'The Washington Post'

    The newspaper's editor accused Sanders of peddling a "conspiracy theory" about the influence of the paper's owner, Jeff Bezos, who is also the founder and CEO of Amazon.

  • Uber CEO tells employees that he's cutting costs like 'anniversary balloons' as nervous engineers worry about layoffs (UBER)

    Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi held an all-hands meeting on Tuesday, and the big topic under discussion was cost cutting.  For instance, Uber is getting rid of work-anniversary balloons, which he said he expected to save the company about $250,000. But cost cutting will not be so extreme that directors will be forbidden from traveling in business class, sources said. Employees are nervous that Uber may be ramping up toward some sort of layoff that affects its all-important engineering groups. Uber...

    Business Insider
  • LA Opera To Investigate Plácido Domingo After Sexual Harassment Report

    The women — eight singers and a dancer — told The Associated Press that the opera titan tried to pressure them into sexual relationships by offering them jobs.

  • 'Legion' Ends Its Three-Season-Long Strange Trip

    FX's surreal, gorgeous, not-quite-a-superhero-show concluded with neither a bang nor a whimper, but instead with time travel, Pink Floyd, forgiveness and an outpouring of empathy.

  • Newark's Drinking Water Problem: Lead And Unreliable Filters

    Officials in the New Jersey city began to hand out water bottles this week after the Environmental Protection Agency said filtered drinking water samples exceeded government thresholds on lead levels.

  • Best smart bulbs for your connected home

    Smart light bulbs—LED-based bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app—are no longer a new idea. What is new is how far this technology has come since its advent just a few years ago. Also new: Products like the Nanoleaf Aurora—a system of interlocking LED panels that let you decorate with light—fundamentally change the light-bulb concept. Smart LED bulbs aren’t quite a commodity, but they are getting close to maturity as far as the market goes. Today’s bulbs are more compact, much...