Headlines on 2019-07-31

  • Watch Baroness Unplug And Provide Space For Rediscovery

    Frontperson John Dyer Baizley and lead guitarist Gina Gleason perform as an acoustic duo for a Key Studio Session at WXPN Studios.

  • Final Season Of 'Orange Is The New Black' Feels Just As Vital As The 1st

    Set in an immigration detention center, the seventh season of the Netflix series continues to take the plight of poor and minority women seriously — and it does so with a surprising amount of humor.

  • The Motherlode

    A collection of glowing reviews, heartfelt remembrances, poems and tributes in celebration of the legacies of the eight women we're honoring in the third season of Turning the Tables.

  • Hong Kong Charges Dozens Of Protesters With Rioting

    If found guilty, the protesters reportedly could face up to 10 years in jail. Demonstrations began several weeks ago over an extradition bill and have grown to include other demands.

  • Steve Bannon says Boris Johnson 'has done a terrific job'

    Steve Bannon says Boris Johnson has done a "terrific job." The new prime minister will provide "true leadership," according to Donald Trump's former chief strategist. Bannon — a controversial right-wing activist — told BBC Radio that Prime Minister Johnson should deliver a no-deal Brexit: "I've said from the beginning a no-deal, hard out, is the way to go." He also described an alliance between Johnson and Nigel Farage's Brexit Party as "natural." Anti-Brexit campaigners said a Bannon...

    Business Insider
  • Background On Trump's Plan To Allow Imports Of Some Prescription Drugs

    The Trump administration says it's trying to clear a path for Americans to import some prescription drugs from Canada. NPR's David Greene speaks with Phil Galewitz of Kaiser Health News.