Headlines on 2019-11-16

  • Elon Musk and YouTuber Casey Neistat bonded over a Tesla engineer's massive 'selfie stick' extender pole

    YouTube/Reuters/Business Insider Casey Neistat caught Elon Musk's attention with a photo of a Tesla Energy staffer assessing his house. Rather than use a ladder, the employee used a long telescopic pole to see on the roof, which Neistat loved. His appreciative tweet caught Musk's eye. Visit Business Insider's home page for more stories. Elon Musk and YouTube personality Casey Neistat shared a moment online as both appreciated a very long telescopic pole employed by a Tesla engineer to assess...

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  • Even A Pro-Immigrant State Dept. Program Gets Criticized by Univision

    If you were to believe Univision News, you’d be convinced that Latino immigrants come to the United States only to suffer. Forget about historic economic prosperity, or unprecedented unemployment levels for the nation's largest ethnic minority. The network’s anchors will always find an excuse to inject the “anti-immigrant” tag into their reporting - even within a story about a pro-immigrant government program.

  • Fish oil and cholesterol-lowering drugs may help ease symptoms of depression

    ryan melaugh/Flickr/Generic 2.0 New evidence shows that anti-inflammatory therapies including omega-3 fatty acids, aspirin, and arthritis medication can be effective in helping treat major depression.  The research adds to a growing body of evidence that inflammation is linked not only to physical illness but also mental illness.  However, anti-inflammatories are not a substitute for traditional mental health treatments, and may in fact be most effective for fighting depression when combined...

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  • In Conversation With The Host Of Mija Podcast

    NPR's Michel Martin talks with Lory Martinez, host and creator of the Mija Podcast, about how it's an audio love letter to Queens, N.Y., and its Latinx communities.

  • The Lib Dems could pull off a historic victory over Boris Johnson's Conservatives in a key London battleground

    Nicola Tree. One of the general election's most anticipated contests is unfolding in a quiet suburb of north London. Liberal Democrat Luciana Berger is confident of overturning the Conservative majority of over 20,000 to win the seat of Finchley & Golders Green. Berger is hoping to win the support of residents who feel let down by the Conservatives and Labour. A poll published last month suggested she was on course to a historic victory. Nearly 70% of people in Finchley & Golders Green...

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  • The safest, smartest way to buy things abroad is the same as in the US: a credit card

    Alastair Grant/AP Credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card are the best way to make a purchase outside of the United States due to low costs and added fraud protections. ATMs usually give the best exchange rate — just look out for fees charged by your bank for using an international ATM. Cash is a good backup plan, but avoid using your debit card when traveling. If a thief gets your debit card, they can...

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  • Hackers have already put up thousands of Disney+ accounts for sale since the streaming service's big launch this week

    Disney+ is already struggling with keeping its users' info safe, as thousands of accounts have been posted online in hacker forums and on Reddit.  Tech news site ZDNet detailed several complaints against the company on Twitter after people were locked out of their accounts.  "Not even been half of a week and my dad's Disney+ account has ALREADY been hacked," reads one tweet from an angry subscriber.  To visit Business Insider's homepage, click here. At least the shows are good. Disney+, the...

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  • Amex Green vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve: Both cards earn bonus points on dining and travel, but which is best for you?

    The American Express® Green Card has been around for ages, but it only just recently became a rewards card worth considering.  Amex revamped the card, adding new bonus categories, and introducing new annual statement credits that will reimburse you for purchases with LoungeBuddy and the expedited airport security service CLEAR. Though it has a lower annual fee of $150, the new Amex Green card has similar benefits to the ultra-popular Chase Sapphire Reserve, with a $450 annual fee. Both cards...

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  • Successful founders match their funding to their revenue. Here are 12 options to consider, from early days to venture.

    Most small businesses don't access venture capital when they launch. Instead, they often rely on personal savings and credit cards.  But these aren't the only ways to get cash for starting, funding, or expanding your business.  Funding expert, mentor, and Harvard-grad Arielle Loren owns and operates the first business-funding app for women, 100K Incubator. To determine what method is best for your business, she breaks funding into three levels based on monthly revenue. Click here for more BI...

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  • Prince Andrew Admits Visiting With Sex Offender Epstein Was 'The Wrong Thing To Do'

    The Duke of York told the BBC that he let the royal family down by staying at the home of the New York financier after he was convicted of soliciting a minor.

  • A Tucson deputy is being investigated for a video that shows him forcing a 15-year-old quadruple amputee to the ground

    Screenshot YouTube/ChasinDatPaperMedia The Pima County Sheriff's Department has opened an internal investigation into a disturbing video obtained by KOLD News 13 in Tucson, Arizona that shows a deputy tackling a 15-year-old quadruple amputee to the ground. The video was captured several months ago by another teenager in a group home, and when it was presented to the sheriff's department by the news station, the department said it had no knowledge of the footage.  In the video, the deputy can be...

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  • If you're worried about a recession, now is probably a good time to consider hiring a financial adviser

    Hero Images/Getty Americans who work with a financial adviser are more optimistic about their financial situation, despite believing a recession is imminent, according to a CFP Board survey. Sixty-seven percent of people who work with an adviser feel financially prepared for an economic downturn, compared to 38% of those who don't have professional help. It's nearly impossible to recession-proof your money, but a good financial planner or investment adviser can help you protect...

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