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  • Corbyn: May must back up 'warm words' on Saudi Arabia with action

    Labour leader challenges PM’s portrayal of a ‘robust’ conversation on Yemen and Jamal Khashoggi at G20 summit Theresa May has offered “warm words” on human rights, but no action against Saudi Arabia on the war in Yemen or the killing of a Saudi journalist, Jeremy Corbyn has said, challenging May’s claim to have been “robust” with the Saudi leader at the G20 summit. Speaking to MPs after returning from the summit in Argentina, May said she had met the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to...

    the Guardian
  • UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by weapons sales to the Saudi coalition

    UK aid to Yemen is eclipsed by the billions brought in through the bungling, deceitful sale of British weapons to Saudi Arabia The war in Yemen has killed as many as 57,000 people since March 2015, left 8.4 million people surviving on food aid and created a cholera epidemic. The British government claims to have been at the forefront of international humanitarian assistance, giving more than £570m to Yemen in bilateral aid since the war began. Yet the financial value of aid is a drop in the...

    the Guardian