Blue Bloods Headlines

  • Blue Bloods Vet Jennifer Esposito Returns to NYPD With SVU Role

    Jennifer Esposito loves flashing herself a badge. Having previously fought crime on CBS’ Blue Bloods and then NCIS, Esposito will next return to the NYPD with a role on Law & Order: SVU, as cast member Ice-T revealed on Twitter over the weekend. Watch his video message with Esposito below: On location NYC 7 degrees [

  • CBS Scores Friday Viewership Win Despite ‘Blue Bloods’ Break

    CBS’ drama block led this week by Hawaii Five-0 (0.8 million in the adults 18-49 demo, 7.55 million viewers) and MacGyver (0.8, 6.90M) propelled Friday’s primetime ratings, and with the night’s usual king Blue Bloods a repeat it was also Hawaii Five-0, despite dipping a tenth in the demo, that led all shows in viewership. Also notable Friday was ABC’s two-hour 20/20 (0.7, 4.78M), which rose a tenth for its episode remembering the scandals of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker

  • Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Flash, Grey's, Outlander, The 100, Blue Bloods, Suits, YOU, HTGAWM, Elementary and More

    Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to [email protected] Question: Is Grey’s Anatomy really going to kill off Meredith’s father? — Hallie Ausiello: Given that Richard told Grey back in “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” that Thatcher was in hospice with only a few weeks to [

  • Blue Blue from Mystic Aquarium visits ABC6

    Mystic Aquarium is hosting an everyone's a kid' promotion through Jan. 31. They stopped by ABC6 with penguin Blue Blue to share the news with the community.
  • Photo: Little blue heron is a study in moody blues

    Our photo of the day is one lucky looker.

  • Critical Need For Blood Donors During National Blood Donation Month

    It's an urgent call for donors at Vitalant, formerly Bonfils Blood Center. Blood donations are especially important this time of year.

  • Blue State Blues: Shutdowns Are Different When Republicans Fight Back

    Pelosi and Schumer are somewhat new to problem-solving. They have also never seen a Republican who fights back. That is why they are losing the shutdown.

  • Blue State Blues: The Border Wall Fight Is About Democratic Legitimacy

    At the heart of the resistance to President Donald Trump's border wall is the idea that the votes of millions of Americans in 2016 who chose Trump over Hillary Clinton and his Republican rivals simply should not count.

  • Blue State Blues: Nancy Pelosi Has No Real Agenda -- Until 2021

    Four years is enough to accomplish whatever Nancy Pelosi wants: two years of waiting, plus two years of frenetic legislation.

  • RI Blood Center helps in search for rare blood type for Miami toddler

    The Rhode Island Blood Center is helping in a global search to find donors to help a little girl battling cancer.
  • Will Any Blue Do?

    Bad news: Broadly, a shut down government is about the same as a functioning one at this point. Earlier, 14 days into a shut down over his proposed border wall, President Trump surmised that the situation could continue for “months or even years,” adding, with his typical lack of understanding of the ‘everyperson’ he purports [

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  • Beat the winter blues

    The Christmas decorations are down and now the house looks bare. Why not add some color with fresh flowers? Scott Stevanus from Segelin’s Florist stopped by with inspiration.
  • Beat the winter blues

    The Christmas decorations are down and now the house looks bare. Why not add some color with fresh flowers? Scott Stevanus from Segelin’s Florist stopped by with inspiration.
  • Brickbat: Working Man Blues

    Normandy, Missouri, police issued a warning to a boy for shoveling snow from his grandmother's home without a permit. Police say they have gotten calls about teens pretending to offer snow shoveling services and note that it only takes a few minutes to get a permit.
  • The Real Governments of Blue America

    In some states, politicians are actually trying to do their jobs.
  • Christian Blood on Obama's Hands

    To understand the accusation which is the title of this article, one must have some background.  Nigeria is an African nation which is (was?) greater than 50% Christian.  In February 2010, then Nigerian president- Yar’Adua- had gone to Saudi Arabia to seek medical treatment.  The vice president, Goodluck Jonathan, became acting president and then president when Yar’Adua died three months later.  Yar’Adua was Muslim; Jonathan | Read More

  • There Will Be Blood: The Future Of Asset Management

    Submitted by Three Body Capital, TL;DR The rise of passive and ETF investing is turning up the heat on active managers. Change is coming to our industry, and those that fail to adapt will fade into obscurity. The old business was highly intermediated and lucrative, while the tokenised future is likely to be far less commercially attractive and unable to support the behemoths in their current form. Despite the doom and gloom, we believe active management can generate compelling returns for...

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  • In pictures: 'Super blood wolf moon'

    Some stargazers struggled to see the rare lunar eclipse which makes the moon appear to glow red.

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