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  • Brennan: Donald Trump would have to climb a very tall ladder to shine a light on Mueller’s shoes

    Former CIA Director John Brennan WaPo’s Phil Rucker, NBC’s Heidi Przybyla, The Daily Beast’s Besty Woodruff, and former DOJ spox Matt Miller on Trump’s break from the intelligence community and Americans trusting Mueller’s version of facts more than Trump’s in the Russia investigation
  • Brennan: Trump Raised a New Level of 'Demagoguery,' 'Hyperbole,' 'Chauvinism' in SOTU

    Tuesday on MSNBC’s special coverage the State of the Union speech, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan accused President Donald Trump of raising “to a new level the demagoguery, the hyperbole, the chauvinism” in his speech. Brennan said, “I think Donald Trump raised to a new level the demagoguery, the hyperbole, the chauvinism and even the misrepresentation on a lot on the issues and national security on a policy front. He said if it wasn’t for his election, we would be at...

  • John Brennan drops 'truth bomb' on Senate Intel Committee finding: ‘Criminal investigations are not their job’

    Former CIA Director John Brennan chided reports that suggest the Senate Intelligence Committee had conclusively found there to be “no direct evidence” of a conspiracy between Donald Trump and Russia — when such a declaration isn’t within the committee’s purview. Special counsel Robert Mueller, the former CIA director noted to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, has been tasked with figuring out if Trump’s seemingly-public “collusion” with Russia “rises to the level of criminal conspiracy” and “whether

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