Chronic traumatic encephalopathy Headlines

  • Is chronic pain affected by the weather?

    A meta-study on pain explores the science behind the anecdotes, with surprising results Many people feel that the weather affects their chronic joint pain. Arthritis in particular is associated with changes in the weather, with some claiming they can tell when a storm is coming from twinges in their knees. A new meta-study in Pain, the journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain, explores the science behind such anecdotes. Researchers from the University of Manchester pulled...

    the Guardian
  • Quarantine can leave you traumatized. Here's what that means, and how to address it.

    Crystal Cox/Business Insider While it's understandable to feel lonely during quarantine, some evidence indicates that prolonged isolation can seriously affect certain people and cause them to be traumatized. Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker, explains that the word 'trauma' is used to describe "an event that posed an extreme threat to their physical or mental well-being," which can included prolonged periods of stress. If you've been feeling fearful and avoidant,...

    Business Insider
  • Jon Gosselin: Kate Traumatized Collin for LIFE!

    Kate Gosselin broke more than child labor laws. When she still had custody, Jon says, she effectively broke Collin. Jon is speaking out about the way that the trauma that Kate inflicted upon their son will haunt him for life. It's no surprise to anyone who has followed the Gosselin family to hear that Kate has done worse to her children than exploit them for profit. Many have perceived a troubling dynamic, where Kate views Collin as her adversary, since he was very young.  ...
  • Cancer treatment during the pandemic is bringing back traumatic memories

    I am about to go through an invasive therapy for my cervical cancer. The process has brought me closer to my seven-year-old self In a large black planner that I keep next to my bed, I mark off each round of chemotherapy and radiation. And after each one, I feel a growing sense of dread. That’s because every mark means I’m one step closer to brachytherapy, a process that involves doctors sticking radioactive materials into my cervix – or what’s left of it anyway. It’s a way for them to aim high...

    the Guardian
  • Zoom sued over Bible Study that was zoom-bombed by 'Traumatizing' porn

    "It is baffling, to say the least, how Zoom failed to protect Saint Paulus's Bible study class from a 'serial offender' who has been 'reported multiple times to the authorities,'" the church said.

    Boing Boing
  • Indonesia's chronic testing lag undermines fight against COVID-19

    More than a month after Indonesian President Joko Widodo promised to ramp up coronavirus testing, medical workers are complaining of persistent delays in the process.