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  • Don Cheadle expresses concerns ahead of 2020: ‘I don’t know’ who can beat Trump

    Actor Don Cheadle appeared on “The Daily Show” Thursday night and weighed in on the upcoming 2020 presidential race.

    Fox News
  • Crime Time for Don Jr.?

    The government’s still shut down, and coincidentally my body feels like it’s shutting down! Read more

    The Slot
  • Don’t demonize ICE for doing its job

    ICE agents were just doing their job In response to “ICE agents ‘dragged’ man out of Mecklenburg courthouse Wednesday, witnesses say” (Jan. 17): While I sympathize with those families wanting

  • Don Lemon Is Your New Wendy Williams

    This is weird. The Wendy Willams Show returned today

    The Muse
  • but don’t forget the past or future

    Otherwise you could end up like Donald Trump It’s a standard, rueful observation about modern life – usually in connection with the endless bombardment of political news – that events that happened a couple of years ago, even a couple of months ago, feel as though they happened a lifetime ago. That’s strange, when you think about it, because the other standard, rueful observation about modern life is that everything (including the news) moves too fast. But if the two and a half years since the...

    the Guardian
  • Millennials Don’t Have a Monopoly on Burnout

    Several years ago, instead of getting up to go to my well-paid, secure job as a tenured college professor, I would lie in bed for hours, repeatedly watching the video to “Don’t Give Up,” Peter Gabriel’s duet with Kate Bush. “I am a man whose dreams have all deserted,” Gabriel sings, echoing my inner monologue. I tried to believe Bush’s compassionate refrain, “Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends,” but I just couldn’t. My first class was at 2 p.m.; I’d make it there barely on time and barely...

    The New Republic
  • Don’t fall for the doomsday predictions

    Resources may be scarce, but we have an abundance of human ingenuity.
  • Don’t blame — just solve

    "When something go wrong, first we solve problem then make sure problem not happen again. Not interested in blame, only solve problem.” by Cito Beltran
  • No, I don’t have a minute to be a more productive parent

    I'm tired of people sharing their parenting hacks. I just want someone to acknowledge that it's all too much.
  • Keep Calm, but Don’t Carry On

    Blogger Bob made the T.S.A. famous on Instagram. After his death, the government is left without a friendly face for a much-maligned agency.
  • Don’t forget about our social progress

    Robert J. Samuelson’s Dec. 31 op-ed, “Our unhappy new year,” was thought-provoking, though it left me conflicted. Mr. Samuelson thoroughly documented the declining faith in many of our institutions,

    Washington Post
  • The do’s and don’ts of window treatments

    Should you have window treatments or go without? Install solar shades or drapery? The reality is when it comes to dressing windows, there really aren't rules, just a myriad of options based on your desired aesthetic, look and budget.

  • You don’t know what Hell is till...

    The very secular Economist magazine ran a four-page article on Hell in its Christmas-New Year double-issue. by Jarius Bondoc
  • Pelosi: ‘We Don’t Begrudge Anyone Their Success’

    CNS News
  • Most people don’t know what Facebook knows about them

    Most Facebook users aren’t aware how much Facebook knows about them, and they tend to not be comfortable when they find out, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

    MIT Technology Review
  • Don’t let the census be manipulated by politics

    The Trump administration is trying to rig the count.
  • Warriors don’t think Nuggets are cute AT ALL

    We have that and more in Wednesday’s NBA newsletter. Anyone who had any dreams Tuesday night’s Warriors vs. Nuggets game would be a proper benediction of Denver’s excellence got a rude awakening from the tip to the buzzer. The Warriors dropped 51 points in the first quarter, led by 19 at the half and won by 31 on the road. Only Draymond Green played more than 30 minutes; in a direct middle finger to rising star Nikola Jokic, Green racked up 13 assists. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay...
  • Kathy Griffin lashes out at Don Cheadle for not defending her

    The comedian berated the actor for not defending her during the fallout from her infamous photoshoot with the blood-soaked decapitated head of Donald Trump.

    Page Six
  • Don Cheadle: Working with Seth Rogen was 'bananas'

    Actor Don Cheadle talks about teaming up with executive producer Seth Rogen on new Showtime series "Black Monday," which is set in the heady world of banking in the 1980s. (Jan. 15)
  • The Interpreter: When Crises Rally a Nation, and When They Don’t

    Presidents Trump and Emmanuel Macron are not the first to capitalize on — or manufacture — a crisis to advance their agenda. And they are not the first to stumble.
  • Don’t subpoena Trump’s interpreter

    Presidential interpreters must not be forced to testify.
  • Don’t expect Trump to go quietly

    It’s unlikely that Trump in defeat or disgrace will become a quieter, humbler, more restrained presence on social media.
  • Women Don’t Belong in Combat Units

    The military is watering down fitness standards because most female recruits can’t meet them.

  • Don’t discard those nutritious carrot tops

    Not only do they add a depth of flavour and complexity to a dish, they also aid digestion Carrot tops are a nutritious and versatile ingredient that can be used to replace herbs in all kinds of dishes. We often use the ornate leaves as a garnish at Poco, our restaurant in Bristol. The tops have a slightly bitter flavour, so combine them with other herbs and a squeeze of lemon or vinegar as a counterbalance. While bitter greens add a depth of flavour and complexity, they also aid digestion. There...

    the Guardian