Economic Events Headlines

  • Curious turn of events

    As the fairy tale character “Alice in Wonderland” quipped in bewilderment, this is getting curiouser and curiouser. by Marichu A. Villanueva
  • The Coming Event Risk

    Submitted by Northman Trader Event risks are rare, but they can impact markets harshly. 9/11 being an obvious example. Unpredictable, unforeseen. “Stuff happens” Donald Rumsfeld once opined about events surrounding the Iraq war. But some event risk can be brewing for a long time. People know it’s out there, but it’s unquantifiable, it’s virtually impossible to time. A key reason is that one can never be sure of the outcome, the implications and more importantly from a market’s perspective: The...

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  • The Economic Consequences Of Debt

    Authored by Lance Roberts via, Not surprisingly, my recent article on “The Important Role Of Recessions” led to more than just a bit of debate on why “this time is different.” The running theme in the debate was that debt really isn’t an issue as long as our neighbors are willing to support continued fiscal largesse. As I have pointed out previously, the U.S. is currently running a nearly $1 Trillion dollar deficit during an economic expansion. This is completely...

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  • Politics And Economics In Times Of Crisis

    Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, The news still isn’t the news, and I’m getting afraid it never will be again, because 'not the news' just simply sells so much better than plain old real events

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  • Economic Implications On Britain Of Brexit

    Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep speaks with George Parker, Financial Times political editor, about the potential economic impact of the latest Brexit developments.
  • Holiday Events In NE Ohio!

    Crocker Park  & ETON on Chagrin holiday festivities
  • America's Economic Health Has Improved

    There are some areas in which it's best to not be the leader—such as picking the pockets of the investors and businesses that create jobs and build prosperity. The U.S. has thankfully allowed somebody else to assume that role in recent years. "Following tax reform in the United States, France now has the highest taxes on corporate income—a combined rate of about 34 percent," the Tax Foundation notes in its latest International Tax Competitiveness Index. The U.S. rose four places in the tax...
  • Timeline: Bush memorial events

    Former President George H.W. Bush is set for a final visit to Washington ahead of his burial in Texas later this week, with memorial services planned in both locations as part of a series of coordinated funeral proceedings. Here is a timeline of the process:Friday, November 30Bush died in Houston at age 94, according to his son, former President George W. Bush. Saturday, December 1President Donald Trump proclaimed Wednesday a national day of mourning, and the White House said both he and first...

  • ‘Big Event’ derby at Pasay

    The regular Friday derbies of Pasay City Cockpit resumes today with the “Bicol Group Big Event 6-Stag Derby”.
  • Reality Check: What is an economic forecast?

    The government will publish a series of forecasts on Brexit, so how do they work?

    BBC News
  • The Khashoggi fallout: A timeline of events

    The White House is standing steadfast by Saudi Arabia despite weeks of international outcry over the kingdom's alleged involvement in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. See the full timeline of events surrounding the crisis here.

  • Who Says Economic Sanctions Work?

    One need only look at North Korea and Iraq to see that the new oil embargo on Iran will fail too.

    The American Conservative
  • Innovation Requires Economic Freedom

    The fate of mankind is determined by the — certainly not infallible — minds of men
  • Wrestling events in SEAG up for arbitration

    The wrestling events in next year’s Southeast Asian (SEA) Games are still to be determined and there is a brewing lobby from several nations to add women’s freestyle which isn’t in the calendar at the moment. by Joaquin Henson
  • First Snow Event on the Way

    *A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY issued for the area for Thursday evening/through 1 A.M. A WINTER STORM WARNING in place for N/W Providence County where higher snow totals are expected as the snow lasts lon
  • Facebook Overhauled Its Life Events Feature

    Facebook revealed a thorough revamp of its life events feature, which enables people to easily share important milestones with friends and family. The redesign will be introduced globally over the coming days on iOS, Android and desktop. Animated photos and videos can now be added to life events posts, and people can also browse art

  • My Take: An eventful day in the Oval Office

    Tonight on My Take: Clinton Yates reflects on the day’s White House proceedings.

  • Nuclear events make a flower bloom

    Flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant. Their formation depends on strict nuclear events that, if compromised, can leave the plant sterile. A new study by researchers at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) shows how two transcription factors, AGAMOUS and CRABS CLAW, bind sequentially to the gene YUC4, which is responsible for synthesizing the plant hormone auxin. The findings, which can be read in Nature Communications, provide an epigenetic explanation for proper...