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  • Netflix is testing an extremely silly instant replay feature

    Have you ever been watching one of your favorite shows when you something happens onscreen that is so unbelievably good that you want to rewind the show by a few minutes and watch it over again? No? Well, Netflix seems to think that this is a thing people would like to do, so it’s testing out a new feature with select users that allows them to instantly replay a scene that was particularly good with just one button. That doesn’t sound bad at all on its own, even if it’s something you’d never...

  • Chicago, dive in and see Aquaman early and for free

    Aquaman seems like a good start for the DC movies to get back on their super-feet, stripping away the gloom of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of The Justice and the forced fun of Justice League for a story about a guy who just has the best damn time being a superhero. It stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, and it even has a bunch of those big fish boys that the internet is constantly raving about. If you’re eager to see Aquaman grab his trident and wage war against his evil brother Patrick Wilson for...

  • Marvel offered to "take care of" action scenes if Lucrecia Martel would direct Black Widow

    Earlier this year, Marvel finally (finally) decided to get serious about giving Scarlett Johansson a solo Black Widow movie, with the studio supposedly meeting with “more than 65" female filmmakers about possibly taking on the job before hiring Australian director Cate Shortland—who was reportedly Johansson’s preferred pick after she saw Shortland’s Lore. Now, Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel has revealed to the Daily Pioneer that she also met with Marvel about directing Black Widow, and...

  • Lizzie review: Kristen Stewart stars in a glum, blurry true crime muddle


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  • Yalitza Aparicio and Marina De Tavira on Roma and capturing the unique chaos of life

    Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film Roma serves as a love letter to the women who raised him, centering on a young Mixtec woman (played by newcomer Yalitza Aparicio) who works for a family in the middle-class neighborhood of Roma in Mexico City. Ahead of Roma hitting Netflix this Friday, we sat down with stars Yalitza Aparicio and Marina De Tavira to talk about the film and its themes.

  • Rain Man at 30: damaging stereotype or 'the best thing that happened to autism'?

    Barry Levinson’s Oscar-winning smash hit was one of the first on-screen depictions of autism. Three decades on, its legacy is complicated ’Rain Man was the best thing that ever happened to autism,” says psychiatrist Dr Darold Treffert. “No gigantic public education or PR effort could have produced the sensational awareness that Rain Man brought to the national and international radar screen.” Treffert, an expert on autism and savant syndrome, worked on Rain Man as a script consultant, which may...

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