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  • ‘A legitimate zoo?’ How an obscure German group cornered global trade in endangered parrots

    Exclusive: A secretive organisation based in a German village has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of rare parrots. How did Martin Guth, a former nightclub manager, persuade governments to authorise the export of so many endangered species? It’s an unlikely spot for a zoo – down an unmade, dusty road, amid a wood to the east of the German capital Berlin. But here in the village of Tasdorf, hundreds of the world’s most endangered and rare parrot species are said to be housed at the...

    the Guardian
  • Cobblestones commemorating murdered Jews stolen in Rome

    Twenty cobblestones commemorating members of two Italian Jewish families who were deported to Auschwitz or killed in Rome were dug up and stolen in the early hours of Monday in an apparent anti-Semitic attack.

  • Protesters disrupt US fossil fuel event at UN climate talks

    KATOWICE, Poland (AP) - Groups representing indigenous peoples and youth disrupted a U.S. government event at United Nations climate talks Monday, criticizing the Trump administration's policy of backing the extraction of fossil fuels that contribute to global warming. About 100 protesters stood up and chanted "Keep it in the ground" shortly after the start of a panel called "U.S. Innovative Technologies Spur Economic Dynamism." As cameras swarmed around them, some of the protesters explained...

    Houston Chronicle
  • Heinrich Brüning and a lesson for all the eager centrists

    The German chancellor from 1930 to 1932 should be a warning to all who believe that centrist remedies are the answer in polarised times, writes Emma Jones Larry Elliott compares Macron to Angela Merkel’s predecessor, Schröder (as well as Blair, Clinton and De Gaulle), in his thoughtful piece on the French troubles (Macron’s vision belongs to the past. A backlash was inevitable, 6 December). A greater spectre must be another of Mrs Merkel’s predecessors, Heinrich Brüning (dubbed the “Hunger...

    the Guardian
  • EU's top diplomat: EU-Iran trade vehicle could be ready by year-end

    The European Union's foreign policy chief said on Monday a system to facilitate non-dollar trade with Iran and circumvent U.S. sanctions could be in place by year's end.

  • No-deal Brexit more likely amid 'confused' situation in London, France says

    A costly British exit from the European Union without a negotiated deal is increasingly likely, France's European affairs minister said on Monday, after British Prime Minister Theresa May postponed a vote on a deal in the face of defeat.