Growing Portland Headlines

  • ‘Henry Danger’: Jace Norman Says Henry Is His ‘Alter Ego’ — ‘When I Grow, He Grows’

    Jace Norman got real about playing the beloved character of Henry Hart ‘Henry Danger’ for the last five years!

    Hollywood Life
  • Use your iPhone to help you grow food with the Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

    Scotts Miracle-Gro is attempting to make it as easy as possible for people to do gardening in an apartment or without a physical garden, with the Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System enabling green-fingered users to produce fresh vegetables from inside their home.

  • How to grow pitcher plants

    You don’t need a rainforest, or even a terrarium, to grow fascinating nepenthes indoors When I was a kid growing up in southeast Asia, I was fascinated by the bizarre native nepenthes pitcher plants I’d see on rainforest walks, not to mention the dramatic time-lapse sequences of David Attenborough documentaries. Yet even in those ideal, year-round tropical conditions, I could never get the damn things to grow. A frustration that was made even worse by a visit to Kew Gardens on holiday, where I...

    the Guardian
  • Hamden Weighs Where To Grow, & How

    Bus routes that connect people to school or to town hall. Hiking trails created near affordable housing in the southern part of town. Stores, “calmer” streets, close-to campus housing in a new “university district” in the north. Plus new sewers. Two Hamden elected officials floated those ideas as the town dives into a once-in-a-decade look into how to adapt to changing times.

    New Haven Independent
  • The Growing Rift with Europe Over Iran

    The administration's attempt to cajole European allies into falling in line behind unjustified punitive measures against Iran isn't likely to work, and it shows how the Iran obsession continues to drive a wedge between the U.S. and our genuine treaty allies to the detriment of American and European interests.

    The American Conservative
  • The Growing Menace Under Britain's Streets

    I n use since 2013, the term 'fatberg' has become an increasingly heard term that describes a large solid mass found in a sewer which is made up of non-biodegradable solid matter and grease or cooking fat. As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, the chief culprit usually blamed is the flushing away of wet wipes. When these get caught up on something in the pipes, other substances begin to cling to them and, over time, can grow into huge, drain clogging monsters. One such fatberg was discovered...

    Zero Hedge
  • How trees and turnips grow fatter

    Two international research teams have identified key regulatory networks controlling how plants grow 'outwards', which could help us to grow trees to be more efficient carbon sinks and increase vegetable crop yields.
  • How the shutdown is growing even worse

    President Donald Trump is said to be weighing whether to declare a national emergency to build his border wall, as GOP leaders and White House officials view it as a way out of the shutdown.

  • Technology is changing how we grow old and die

    This is a story about how life could end for many of us: at home surrounded by high-tech sensors, voice assistants and automated pill dispensers. And there's a "companion" robot to ward off loneliness.

  • As opposition to R. Kelly grows, what is RCA to do?

    Who still wants to be in business with R. Kelly? A man whose career once seemed to rise with direct proportion to the volume of rumors about his off-stage sexual escapades is, in the wake of the blockbuster Lifetime series Surviving R. Kelly, quickly becoming a pop culture pariah. On Wednesday of this week, protesters gathered outside [

  • Astronauts could be growing beans in space in 2021

    For freshly grown produce, space is truly the final frontier.

    Fox News
  • China grows the first plants on the Moon

    The greenery you see in the soil above might not look like much, but it represents a big step in space exploration. Cotton seeds brought to the Moon aboard China's Chang'e-4 mission have sprouted, marking the first time plants have grown on the luna

  • Threat Inflation and The Jungle Grows Back

    The problem for these ideologues is that "the jungle" isn't relentlessly taking over in most parts of the world, and the role of "indispensable" machete-wielder that they want the U.S. to fill isn't really necessary for our security or the security of most other nations.

    The American Conservative
  • Pressure grows on Broward superintendent to step down

    The seat Broward County Public School Superintendent Robert Runcie sits on continues to grow hotter as more and more people come out, calling for him to step down. The protests continued during Tuesday's school board meeting. “Representing the voices in this community that cry out for change, we ask the board to rescind Robert Runcie's contract. We have had enough!” said John Daly of Concerned Citizens of Broward County.  Runcie has faced harsh backlash since the mass shooting at Marjory...

  • WATCH: Impact of the government shutdown grows

    The Coast Guard has become the first branch of the military to miss paychecks, and lines at airports are getting longer from TSA staff shortages. ABC News' Elizabeth Hur reports.

    ABC News
  • The 2020 Field Is Growing. Some Waistlines Are Shrinking.

    Senators Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand are the most recent in a long line of presidential candidates-in-waiting to focus on their fitness.
  • 'They Shall Not Grow Old' Review

    They Shall Not Grow Old is a truly fascinating cinematic document, the sort of thing that shows the power, and the limitations, of the artform to transport audiences through space and time. Peter Jackson's documentary about World War I is a minor miracle: a rather simple and straightforward story told in such a fantastically original way that many viewers will feel dispatched to the past. The post ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • Momma, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to be Men

    Apparently, the APA's now gearing up to help us get over toxically masculine nonsense.��
  • This TARDIS Grows Weed With Artificial Intelligence

    Editor's Note: Richard Metzger is a connoisseur of cannabis, and recently started growing his own. He's test-driving high-end rig good for small-scale grows from Cloudponics. This is not a sponsored post, Boing Boing is not getting anything from Cloudponics. Metzger's just really *that* enthusiastic about weed, and spoiler alert, so far he likes the Cloudponics setup. Here's an early photo from the grow, and the first installment of Richard's ongoing lab notes. — Xeni I am a 53-year-old...

    Boing Boing
  • Review: A Tap Prodigy, Growing Up in Public

    At its best, Caleb Teicher’s “More Forever,” with music performed by the composer Conrad Tao, is both youthful and sophisticated.
  • Man killed by Portland police officer

    A Portland police officer fatally shot a man at a Southeast Portland home after the landlord reported a stranger who appeared to be homeless and suffering from a mental illness lying on a tenant's door stoop.

  • Historic Photos Of Denver Grow In Popularity

    It’s no secret that Denver is rapidly changing. Now, there's a social media page dedicated to showing those changes

  • Constitution: When will our growing pains end?

    When will we as a nation put aside our petty differences and come together to uphold the Constitution for which our forefathers fought so bravely? Have we not yet learned,

  • The AI market is growing, but how quickly is tough to pin down

    If you work in tech, you’ve heard about AI: how it’s going to replace us, whether it’s over-hyped or not and which nations will leverage it. Our interest? How much money is going into startups?