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  • Jim Carrey on potentially losing fans over his anti-Trump Twitter art: 'Lose them'

    Actor Jim Carrey said Sunday that his own management team warned him against talking about politics on social media, saying that he could lose half of his audience."It was interesting, because when I first starting...

  • Brexit deal is 'lose-lose' and about 'damage control', EU president Donald Tusk says

    EU does not share Theresa May's 'enthusiasm'

  • MSNBC’s Mika says Trump ‘pacing around and losing his temper’ as reality of losing House sinks in

    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said President Donald Trump was becoming increasingly frantic as the reality of the Republican Party’s midterm losses set in. The “Morning Joe” host said the president’s fundamental misunderstanding of the U.S. Constitution prevented him from understanding how much he’d lost — but she said he was becoming more fearful with each realization. “I don’t think the president completely understood what losing the House meant,” Brzezinski said. “I think he thought, well, the …

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  • How Democracy Is Losing the World

    We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world. Please support CNSNews today! [a 501(c)(3) non-profit production of the Media Research Center] DONATE Or, book travel through MRC’s Travel Discounts Program! MRC receives a rebate for each booking when you use our special codes. BOOK NOW

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  • How Democracy is Losing the World

    We claim it's the best system available. Yet it's made us look ridiculous while other nations step up and get serious.

    The American Conservative
  • Putin Loses One

    Interpol rejects the Russian-backed candidate for president.

  • What White Women Lose

    What white women fear is that, however irrational, if they vote against tradition and against what they see as “family values,” then what power they currently hold will be lost.

  • How often do Barcelona lose at home?

    The almost impregnable Camp Nou, home to Barcelona, is the barrier to Tottenham’s qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League Who wears blue-and-garnet stripes and scarcely loses at home? Barcelona. We may be fast approaching yuletide, the season of half-baked one-liners, dodgy dad jokes and tacky gadgets funnelling out of Christmas crackers, but the size of the task facing Tottenham Hotspur who visit Catalonia on Tuesday night is no laughing matter. The reality is they have to...

    the Guardian
  • Congress losing patience with the Saudis

    Senate lawmakers this week will debate a resolution that would for the first time use congressional authority to stop U.S. participation in a foreign war.

    Washington Examiner
  • Shire railways are losing out to London

    Les Bright points to deprived areas of the south, while Peter Fellows crunches numbers It is no surprise that, with all eyes turned towards Brexit, politics has reverted to type with the “north-south divide” reasserting itself (North of England continues to see cuts in public spending, report finds, 5 December). But this formulation is inaccurate and divisive, suggesting that all of the south is prosperous and favoured by those who allocate government resources. Tell that to the people of the...

    the Guardian
  • Losing your home to a dying industry

    In Germany, coal is displacing entire communities.

    Washington Post
  • Judicial reform: You lose, you pay

    It was good to meet the new Supreme Court Chief Justice last month when I hosted a luncheon for the Philippine delegates to the US Legal Aid Clinic Learning Visit in Washington, D.C. by Babe Romualdez

  • Homeowners could lose flood insurance

    The National Flood Insurance Program is set to expire Friday.

  • Redskins losing their identity in skid

    Adrian Peterson did not have a November to remember. Neither did the Redskins defense. As Washington has dropped three of its last four games, the Redskins have regressed in two areas that were crucial to their success: running the ball and shutting down opposing teams. With the Redskins gearing ...

  • Can a Republican Lose in Mississippi?

    Almost exactly a year ago, Democrats did the unthinkable: They won a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. Doug Jones, a former prosecutor, knocked off Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court chief justice whose Senate run was undone by accusations that he had preyed upon teenage girls. It was a narrow victory, to be sure—20,000 votes, roughly 1.5 percentage points—but still an extraordinary one. It pointed to a possible playbook for Democrats in the deep-red Deep South, albeit a playbook that required a...

    The New Republic
  • Trump Is Beginning to Lose His Grip

    It isn’t just white suburban women who switched to Democrats. Parts of rural and white working class America peeled off too.

  • In a War With China, the US Could Lose

    Two separate government commissions issued reports this week, and each highlighted the growing threat stemming from the People’s Republic of China. The National Defense Strategy... Read More The post In a War With China, the US Could Lose appeared first on The Daily Signal.

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  • The Facebook Ads Strategy That Can't Lose

    It's a numbers game.