Lawrence Meyers Headlines

  • Lawrence's Last Word

    Lawrence shows Donald Trump's most off the rails moments in his El Paso rally and explains why the President said "I'm guilty. I'm guilty."
  • Jennifer Lawrence Is Engaged

    He put a ring on it.
  • Lawrence’s Last Word

    In tonight's Last Word, Lawrence warns that political news media is going to fail you as a voter with a campaign tradition of delivering piles of junk that should have nothing to do with your decision as a voter.
  • Lawrence’s Last Word

    In the Last Word, Lawrence looks at Donald Trump’s State of the Union remarks about socialism—and tells the truth about the kinds of socialism Donald Trump never ever complains about, including the kind on display on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • That's Mr. Cooke Maroney-Lawrence to You!

    Congratulations to Cooke Maroney!!! The art gallery director is now engaged to Jennifer Lawrence, an unexpected and thrilling development that will surely lead to a surge in Google searches for “Who is cooke maroney” later today. Word about the engagement first started bubbling up when Lawrence was spotted with a “very noticeable,” “massive ring” with a “giant rock” on her finger, according to a someone who saw the couple sharing a romantic dinner with Maroney at the SoHo bistro Raoul’s....

  • Lawrence's Last Word: the candidates vote

    Lawrence explains how the Democratic candidates for president in 2020 voted on the compromise budget bill in the senate and what that could mean for their campaigns.