McDonald's Headlines

  • Sorry, Burger King, Andy Warhol actually preferred McDonald's

    Last night, in what reads as decades-late payback for Andy Warhol famously reclaiming brand imagery in his art, Burger King used a video of the deceased artist for their own Super Bowl advertising. Through footage taken from Jørgen Leth’s 1982 documentary 66 Scenes From America, viewers were shown Warhol munching on a hamburger before being prompted to #EATLIKEANDY (the strange compound term “eatlike,” we must assume, is Danish.)

  • Charity finds success in work with at-risk children, but it’s costly

    Duncan Campbell made his fortune with a timber investment fund he started in 1981 and sold eight years later. But he never forgot his difficult childhood in Portland, Ore., with alcoholic parents and a father who was in and out of prison twice. So when he had the time and wherewithal to devote to philanthropy in 1993, he said, he chose to tackle a problem he knew about: improving the lives of children at greatest risk - not the top students at underperforming schools, but the struggling ones who...

  • 'Like a Big Mac But Juicier': Burger King renames sandwiches to troll McDonald's

    Burger King’s Swedish operation revamped its menus to feature sandwiches, categorized as ‘Not Big Mac’s’, with such names as ‘Anything but a Big Mac’ and ‘Burger Big Mac Wished It Was’ After McDonald’s lost its Big Mac trademark in the EU earlier this month, competitor Burger King wasted no time taking a big, juicy bite out of the world’s biggest burger chain. Burger King’s Swedish operation recently revamped its menus to poke fun at McDonald’s loss. Under the header Not Big Mac’s (sic), the...

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