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  • Motherwell allow the Irish FA to speak to boss Stephen Robinson about vacant Northern Ireland role

    The Irish Football Association is interviewing candidates to replace Michael O'Neill this week - and Stephen Robinson, Ian Baraclough, Jim Magilton and Tommy Wright are in the frame.

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  • 4Star Politics: FOX4 and The Kansas City Star debut digital political show

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 and The Kansas City Star are joining forces to provide complete political coverage of the region and country in a new digital show: 4Star Politics. Between now, the primary election in August and the general election in November, we’ll cover the most important issues voters have to consider. We’ll also [

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  • Money talks: Big business, political strategy and corporate involvement in US state politics

    Political spending by corporations is big business. As one corporate executive with experience in business-government relations says, “A company that is dependent on government that does not donate to politicians is engaging in corporate malpractice.” Our research group heard that statement during a series of interviews with industry insiders that we conducted for a study [
  • Why are masks political?

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "The film represents enslaved Black people in accordance with longstanding stereotypes, as servants, notable for their devotion to their white masters or for their ineptitude. And the film's treatment of this world through a lens of nostalgia denies the horrors of slavery as well as its legacies of racial inequality." — Film scholar Jacqueline Stewart's new introduction to Gone with the Wind,...

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  • Losing a friend to politics

    Today I lost a close friend.� Cherished and admired by my family. �A great humanitarian. Generous and kind individual. �I have a heavy heart for it was so sudden.� No, she did not die!� Then why such great sadness?� She

  • The Strategies Of Dementia Politics

    The Strategies Of Dementia Politics Tyler Durden Sat, 07/04/2020 - 17:00 Authored by Victor Davis Hanson via National Review, Stoke chaos, obstruct economic recovery, and hide Biden in the basement till Election Day

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  • What a Week for Women in Politics!

    It’s only Wednesday, but it’s already been a banner week for Republican women, especially those who love QAnon, guns, and hitting Black Lives Matter activists with their cars! Read more

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  • ‘Progressive’ politics, 2020


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  • Political Violence Then and Now

    The men who pulled Reginald Denny from his truck during the Rodney King riots and beat him to a pulp had no idea who Rodney King was. They just wanted the truck. Many of the men who stormed the Winter Palace with firearms had not a scintilla of an

  • What Happens When Politics Goes Viral?

    Don't count out the Falstaffian Trump until this fall. The post What Happens When Politics Goes Viral? appeared first on The American Conservative.

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  • Political cartoons by Joe Fournier

    A look at the current state of politics through the eyes of editorial cartoonist Joe Fournier.
  • The Past and Future of Latinx Politics

    Ed Morales Two new books look at the history of Latinx Democrats and Republicans and the role each will play in the future. The post The Past and Future of Latinx Politics appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • A new theory about political polarization

    The ever-deepening rift between the political left- and right-wing has long been puzzling theorists in political science and opinion dynamics. An international team led by researchers of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH) now offers an explanation: Their newly developed 'Weighted Balance Theory' (WBT) model sees social emotions as a driving force of political opinion dynamics. The theory is published in the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS).
  • Solitary citizens: the politics of loneliness

    A lack of care from family, friends and government makes solitude a terrifying prospect. Covid-19 reveals how vital social institutions have been demolished In recent years loneliness has been much in the news. Prior to Covid-19 it was regularly described as an epidemic. Now that we are in the middle of a real global health crisis the language has changed. For some people, most likely those with secure incomes and comfortable homes, social distancing and enforced isolation bring “solitude”, a...

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  • The Political Genius of Donald Trump

    The word ‘genius’ is not often appended to Donald Trump, except perhaps by himself, but he has demonstrated since early 2016 that he does indeed have a rare political genius.� A man not given to modesty, President Trump can rightfull

  • The appeal of far-right politics

    Why do "ordinary" citizens join far-right organisations? Agnieszka Pasieka explores how far-right groups offer social services, organise festivals and shape their own narrative to attract new members. In her FWF-project, she accompanies activists to investigate their practices and philosophies.
  • The New Driving Force Of Politics

    Fake Science And Public Hysteria - The New Driving Force Of Politics Tyler Durden Thu, 06/18/2020 - 21:00 Via, International Man: The Lancet recently retracted an anti-hydroxychloroquine study, which the media had used to attack Trump. Trump had admitted to taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus. The media then went into a frenzy. The talking heads often cited The Lancet study as proof hydroxychloroquine was...

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  • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics

    Every week political cartoonists throughout the country and across the political spectrum apply their ink-stained skills to capture the foibles, memes, hypocrisies and other head-slapping events in the world of politics. The fruits of these labors are hundreds of cartoons that entertain and enrage readers of all political stripes. Here's an offering of the best of this week's crop, picked fresh off the Toonosphere. Edited by Matt Wuerker.

  • We need leadership, not symbolism and political theater

    One of the interesting side stories of 2020 has been the recent explosion (no pun intended) of illegal fireworks in cities. The uptick in illicit incendiaries is a side effect of pandemic life drudgery, so it’s unsurprising that New York, hardest hit by the coronavirus and the resulting lockdown, has produced more than 24,000 complaints and some spectacular footage. Although they pose obvious safety risks, illegal fireworks are a nuisance, not a serious issue. Thus, the recently announced...

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  • Huge Political Disconnect Over The State Of The Economy

    Huge Political Disconnect Over The State Of The Economy Tyler Durden Wed, 07/01/2020 - 10:20 Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, In 2008 everyone knew the economy was in bad shape. Today, views vary tremendously by party affiliation. FiveThirtyEight discusses how politics shapes how people perceive the economy. The U.S. economy is objectively awful right now. The unemployment rate is at levels not seen since the Great Depression and this quarter’s decline in...

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  • Mysterious Explosion Reported In Northern Tehran

    Mysterious Explosion Reported In Northern Tehran Tyler Durden Tue, 06/30/2020 - 12:54 Just a day after Tehran called for President Trump's arrest, a mysterious explosion has been reported in the northern part of the capital city, with unconfirmed sources on US social media claiming it might be tied with a strike on an Iranian weapons depot. Iranian state news reported the explosion, and an ensuing fire. It's unclear whether the fire has been brought under...

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  • Donald Trump Is the ‘Undertaker’ of American Politics

    Patricia J. Williams A master of political misdirection, the president hides behind the idea that he’s only doing schtick. But the joke is on us. The post Donald Trump Is the ‘Undertaker’ of American Politics appeared first on The Nation.

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  • How to Bypass Politics and Improve Our Pandemic Response

    Outdated health care regulations are a problem. Here’s a tried-and-true way to fix them.

  • Mail-in voting is not political, it’s about ‘we the people’

    Author of “What You Need to Know About Voting—And Why” and former U.S. Assistant Attorney Kim Wehle says access to absentee ballots is vital now that American democracy is at stake.