Olympic Games Headlines

  • London 2012’s clean Games boast in ruins as failed doping tests pile up

    The IOC’s decision to keep 2012 Olympics samples for 10 years has led to a steady drip of retrospective failed tests that have given the London Games an unwanted record Ten or so years ago the Evening Standard ran the billboard headline “London Fashion Week Cocaine Shock”. Presumably the twist was that there was someone alive surprised to find it was going on, since the revelation seemed just about as startling as the fact they were playing baccarat in Rick’s place. Over Christmas, the...

    the Guardian
  • What makes London 2012 the 'dirtiest ever' Olympic Games? – video explainer

    There have now been 116 failed drug tests from London 2012 – an Olympic record, and with the IOC keeping samples from the Games for another three years that figure could still rise. Organisers say they want to conduct retests on athletes’ samples and benefit from advances in technology to catch drug cheats. But why is the level of failed tests its highest ever for the 2012 Games?‘Not a level playing field,’ says Lisa Dobriskey after 1500m defeat at 2012 Games Continue reading

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  • The incredible story of Pita Taufatofua, Tonga's shirtless Olympic flag bearer

    Years of pain and crushing disappointment have not dissuaded the Instagram sensation from becoming an Olympian in two sports – and he’s about to announce a third When Pita Taufatofua began the walk towards the stadium at the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony, he was an unknown, unrated athlete from an obscure Pacific island. He would walk back out a global celebrity. Had it not been for a vat of coconut oil and his flair for flag bearing, he could have passed through the Olympic Games unnoticed...

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