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  • Romney writes new chapter in his like-hate relationship with Trump

    Mitt Romney will be sworn into the Senate on Thursday amid a political firestorm of his own making.Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee who will be the junior senator from Utah, is taking heat from President T

  • What to watch for as the new Congress begins

    They've got the keys to the offices, new paint inside, and parties to attend. But on Thursday, the work begins when 535 members of the new 116th Congress solemnly swear to govern the divided nation. Instantly, the new Congress will make history for seating a record number of women and

    ABC News
  • Liberal revolt threatens to derail House Democrats on their first day in charge

    WASHINGTON - House Democratic leaders are set to advance sweeping internal rules changes Thursday that would attempt to bring more sunshine to congressional governance and defuse a pair of political powder kegs that wreaked havoc on GOP leaders over the past eight years. But in their first day of power in the new Congress, Democrats must stave off a liberal rebellion after prominent Democrats said they would oppose the entire rules package that has been carefully assembled by Rep. Nancy Pelosi,...

  • and Trump's GOP critics see an opening

    For weeks, incoming Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has been tight-lipped as he prepares to be sworn in on Thursday, disappointing his longtime friends who hoped he would emerge as a new power center for mainstream Republicans in President Donald Trump's Washington, particularly with the Senate now without the late John McCain. Romney's tweets last month included a musing on church hymns and pictures of his grandchildren - and nothing about Trump. "Sorry, guys," he'd say as he rushed by and ignored...

    Houston Chronicle
  • What a year it’s been: A month-by-month look back at 2018's biggest stories

    If you felt like you lived a decade in the last year, you're not alone. President Trump's second-year in office was a non-stop news event that began and ended with government shutdowns.

  • No signs of talks as shutdown moves into second week

    While Trump canceled plans to go to Florida for a break from Washington, congressional leaders have fanned out across the country.