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  • Europe in 25 films: the critics’ choice

    The must-see movies that have defined a century of European cinema, as chosen by the Observer’s film writers Back in 2017, I was asked to contribute a short piece about British cinema to a book entitled Goodbye Europe. The book was a collection of essays, inspired by the recent referendum, offering a series of different perspectives on the thorny subject of the UK’s relationship to Europe, and “what the idea of Europe means to Britons and others living here”. In my essay I argued that, to all...

    the Guardian
  • Dear Abby: Bathroom Peeping Tom stuns retirement home employee

    Dear Abby: Something happened at work that has me traumatized. I work at a retirement house for a convent. The nuns are sweet, kind and easy to get along with. But last week while I was using the bathroom, a nun decided to be a Peeping Tom while I was on the toilet. She laughed at me in a taunting manner saying, "I can see you!" I screamed at her to stop, but she just kept looking and laughing at me. When she finally left, I was in shock. I reported the nun to my supervisor as soon as I could,...