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  • At least 2 dead, 11 wounded in Strasbourg Christmas market shooting; French authorities open terror investigation

    At least two people are dead and 11 others injured in a shooting near a Christmas market on Tuesday in Strasbourg, France, officials said. French prosecutors say they have opened a terror investigation. Police say the gunman is still at large, but that authorities know their identity. A lone gunman fatally shot two people and injured another 11 in a shooting near a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg on Tuesday, French officials told media. Police locked down the area and launched...

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  • Climate change has created a mutant pufferfish, a poisonous Japanese delicacy that can cost up to $120 per pound and sometimes kill a person in as little as a few hours

    Mari Saito/Reuters The Japanese pufferfish, or fugu, a fish best known for its ability to kill a person in as little as a few hours. In the holiday season a fishmonger in Tokyo can sell up to $88,000 worth of the fish on any given day. Although deaths are extremely rare, the danger associated with the fish contributes to its popularity.  But now, climate change is adding a new element of risk: Fishermen are discovering an unprecedented number of a hybrid fugu. Hybrids are no more dangerous than...

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  • China has threatened the US with 'further action' if Huawei's CFO isn't freed

    China has upped the pressure on the US over the arrest of a Huawei executive in Canada. Its foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador on Sunday to register its "strong protest" at the detainment of CFO Meng Wanzhou. China wants the US to withdraw its arrest warrant. Meng was arrested in Canada on December 1 on US orders, over concerns that Huawei violated sanctions on equipment sales to Iran. China has upped the pressure on the US over the arrest of a senior Huawei executive in Canada,...

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  • Tesla is trade war’s collateral damage

    China is crucial to Tesla's future. So it's not surprising that the trade war is hitting the company hard. China is Tesla's largest market outside the U.S., accounting for about 10 percent of total revenue in the first three quarters of 2018 - and the Model 3 isn't even available there yet. The Palo Alto company sold about 15,000 of its more expensive Model S and Model X models in China last year, according to estimates from research firm LMC Automotive. Since the country raised the tariff on...

  • Canada arrested Huawei's CFO, and the US is seeking to extradite her

    Canadian authorities have arrested Huawei's chief financial officer, Wanzhou Meng.  US officials have been investigated Huawei over alleged violations of the country's sanctions on Iran and are seeking to extradite Meng. The arrest comes amid a trade war between the US and China. The chief financial officer of Chinese tech and telecoms giant Huawei has been arrested in Canada at the request of US authorities and faces extradition to the United States. The Canadian Justice Department arrested...

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  • A cybersecurity expert quit Apple and joined the ACLU to help fight government efforts to put 'back doors' in smartphones

    AP A high-profile security and encryption expert at Apple has left the company to join the American Civil Liberties Union Joh Callas is joining the ACLU to focus on fighting government surveillance and efforts to install "back doors" on tech platforms as well as exploring issues like artificial intelligence.   Callas' move comes as tech workers become increasingly engaged and active about how tech is used for everything from censorship to discrimination. A senior Apple security expert left for...

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  • Nigerian President Buhari denies that he is a clone or lookalike amid wild conspiracy

    Thomson Reuters Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday denied claims that he had died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor, breaking his silence on a rumor that has circulated on social media for months. Buhari, who is running for re-election in February, spent five months in Britain last year being treated for an undisclosed illness. Social media conspiracy theorists are now saying he's been replaced with a lookalike or clone ahead of a February election. The presidency circulated...

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  • China sends state spies to live in Uighur Muslim homes and attend private family weddings and funerals

    Around 1m Uighurs are being held in secretive internment camps across the province